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Playername: hugo stiglitz
Stats-ID: 88
KeyHash: 6bf9804932d7233522fc0952cd4c417f
Last Seen: 09:56:19 11|01|2019
Rounds played: 0
Logged since: 03:00:17 12|01|2019
Total Score:
Total Kills:
Total Deaths:
Total TKs:
Heals: hugo stiglitz spent 0.00sec on healing Heal-Points to other Players
hugo stiglitz spent 0.00sec on healing Heal-Points to himself
Repairs: hugo stiglitz spent 0.00sec on repairing Repair-Points

# Nickname Usage  
1 hugo stiglitz 1

Character Types
# Character Type Usage  
1 Rus_Assault  4

Weapons used
# Weapon Kills %  
1 DP 14 93.33
2 Stationary_mg42 1 6.67

Favorite Vehicles
# Vehicle Time %  
1 Stationary_mg42 18.80sec 100.00

Map Performance
# Map Score %  

Last Games 
Game started Server Name Mod Map GameMode Score Kills Deaths
03:00:17 12|01|2019

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